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English | Hardcover – *Can be signed if desired

When a boy grows up and leaves home to follow his dreams, he meets a peddler of dreams the like of which he has never imagined. But these dreams come at a cost, including all the boy holds dear. Only the redeeming emotion of regret can heal him.
This powerful, sparsely told fable can be read on many levels.

About the Author

Irena Kobald was born in Austria and has lived in several countries, including the former USSR, and she currently lives in the desert regions of Australia. Kobald’s first picture-book, My Two Blankets with Freya Blackwood, won multiple awards and was translated into more than a dozen languages, including Arabic.

About the Illustrator

Christopher Nielsen is an award-winning Sydney-based illustrator with a love for weathered surfaces and vintage design. He specialises in advertising, editorial, corporate, hand lettering, children’s books, packaging and publishing illustration. Previous picture-books are Ponk! and Once Upon an ABC.

  • Title: Dream Peddler
  • Author: Irena Kobald
  • Publisher: Dirt Lane Press
  • Category: Picture Books
  • Publication Date: 01/02/2019

This book should be in the hands of all young people. With every page so hauntingly illustrated it will surely start a meaningful discussion on many levels. It is such a powerful story, told so poignantly, that your heart weeps for this boy. But if the door is unlocked and the light still burning then there is always hope. Goodreads Magazine review –  5 stars

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